Salsa school and bachata school in Madrid

Salsa classes and bachata classes, our dance school is located in central Madrid Zona Goya.


Our salsa and bachata courses are divided into two levels: initiation and intermediate.


Facilities with more than 700 meters for your safety.


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From 35 euros per month

From 55 euros per month

89 euros per month

unlimited classes

We are a dance school specialized in salsa and bachata, located in the city of Madrid. With extensive experience teaching these Latin rhythms, our goal is to offer dynamic and fun classes to people of all ages and abilities.
Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that our students learn the fundamentals of dance technique and develop their own style. In addition, we also offer private classes, workshops, events and dance parties so that our students can practice and improve their skills in a social and welcoming environment. Our salsa and bachata school is an excellent option for those looking to learn to dance in a friendly and welcoming environment in Madrid. Join our community of dancers and discover the joy of Latin dance!
Welcome to our salsa and bachata classes in Madrid! We are passionate about dance and are committed to providing you with professional and entertaining teaching. In our classes, you will learn the proper movements to dance salsa and bachata with fluency and style. Our teachers are experts in teaching any level, from beginners to advanced, and are always willing to help you so that you can improve your technique and enjoy the music. In addition, our classes are in a friendly and fun environment, where you can meet people who, like you, enjoy dancing. So, if you want to learn how to dance salsa and bachata, come to our classes and start dancing today!

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Area Goya